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9 months ago

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Once in a while someone asks me what resources I would recommend for learning web development, and how I keep up to date with things. Right now, we have access to more high quality learning material than we ever have, and most of it is even affordable. The bad news? Trying to find it can be like looking for a needle in the haystack of awful Udemy courses.

This post is my attempt at a list of vetted resources I recommend for high quality learning material that will be a good investment of your time.

Courses and workshops

  • Frontend Masters - frontendmasters.com
    Excellent quality courses from vetted professionals

  • Egghead - egghead.io
    Same as above

  • Packtpub - packtpub.com

  • CSS for JS Developers - css-for-js.dev
    Amazing course. Josh Comeau teaches CSS in a way that it will finally make sense.

  • Kevin Powell’s Youtube channel - youtube.com/@KevinPowell/videos
    My go-to place for CSS tips. Kevin teaches useful mental models and important fundamentals rather than just tips and tricks.

  • Web Dev Simplified Youtube channel - youtube.com/@WebDevSimplified/videos
    Great Youtube channel with a lot of React and general web dev content

  • Fireship Youtube channel - youtube.com/c/Fireship
    Short and fun videos, useful if you want to get the general gist of a certain topic in only a few minutes.

  • Gitnation - portal.gitnation.org
    Recordings from conferences in past years. Yes, all those expensive conferences have their videos published here and you can watch them for free!


  • React Status - react.statuscode.com
    Weekly newsletter with news from the React world

  • Bytes - bytes.dev
    One of my favourites, it's written in a fun and cheeky way, and it brings news from the Javascript ecosystem twice a week.

  • Refactoring - refactoring.fm
    This one is more general, about writing good software, working with people and personal growth as an engineer.

  • Pointer - pointer.io
    Handpicked recent articles in a list with brief summaries of each one.

  • TLDR Web Dev - tldr.tech/engineering
    Same as above

  • Irrational Exuberance - https://lethain.com
    Found out about Will Larson when I read his book, Staff Engineer. He publishes long-form articles on topics mainly around engineering leadership.

Non-dev newsletters that I also find useful


  • Syntax - syntax.fm
    Hands-down my favourite podcast ever. I've been listening to almost every episode since they started around 2017. Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are so engaging and informative, and they've taken on pretty much any topic you can think of in the web development world.

  • Soft Skills Engineering - softskills.audio
    The two hosts take 2 listener questions on each episode and try to give advice, in an often hilarious way.

  • JS Party - changelog.com/jsparty Another great one to have on the feed with discussions about recent developments in the JS ecosystem.

  • PodRocket - podrocket.logrocket.com Interview-based podcast, with a different web dev topic every week.

  • React Round Up - topenddevs.com/podcasts/react-round-up I like this one because it has one of my favourite developers on it, Jack Herrington.

  • React Native Radio - reactnativeradio.com
    React Native specific discussions and news.

  • Whiskey, Web and Whatnot - whiskeywebandwhatnot.fm
    Fun podcast, they always taste some whiskey at the beginning and I skip that part cause I'm not that much into it :)

  • Javascript Jabber - topenddevs.com/podcasts/javascript-jabber
    I didn't have time to listen that much to this one recently, but it's worth having on the feed as they sometimes discuss very interesting topics.



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